About us

About Azmont Investments

Azmont Investments is a Montenegro based company committed to apply its most adequate resources to achieve its mission: to create an efficient and sustainable investment portfolio focusing on accountability, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Company wish and commitment is to develop a positive collaborative synergy with the Government of Montenegro and local authorities, while durably engaging with local communities, through education, training, support and employment opportunities.

The corporate parent behind Azmont Investments is Azerbaijan Global Investments (AGI).

Growing Portonovi Resort, worth 800 mill eur, is developed by Azmont Investments as of 2012 when company has entered Montenegrin market. At the same time, this world-class resort with a state-of-the-art marina and the first One&Only in Europe is the biggest investment project of Azerbaijan outside of country, out of energetic sector. In 2016, Company has entered financial sector and has added to its portfolio another business by setting the new green-field commercial bank on Montenegrin market. With full spectra of usual banking products Nova Banka is registered with almost 12-million-euro capital.

As a responsible corporate citizen, company do its best to contribute to the good of society through well planned and continuous CSR programs.




We strive to be a company who professionally, efficiently and in sustainable way manages investments, and creates difference by introducing best business practices in Montenegro and the entire region.



  •   Create an efficient and sustainable investment portfolio, achieve favorable financial results for our shareholders.

  •   Ensure integrity and diversity of our activities, contribute to welfare and economic development of Montenegro and other countries where we operate.

  •   Employ the best professionals and enable their further professional development, share with them our values and accountability obligations. 



  •   Professionalism. We act as professionals in everything we do.

  •   Efficiency. We efficiently use limited sources we have to organize our activities, and strive to satisfy firstly our shareholders and then all of our internal and external stakeholders.
  •   Transparency. We operate our businesses in a transparent way and interested parties can easily understand activities that are performed.
  •   Sustainability. We always search for or create new sources for sustainable development, prefer quality, not quantity in our work.

  •   Teamwork. We are working in mutual respect, trust and team spirit.
  •   Accountability. We act in line with our company’s culture in all of our work and personal life and are accountable for this.

  •   Integrity. We respect local values and principles and strictly comply with them.
  •   Diversity. What differentiates us is aiming not only business interests, but also public and social interests.