Azmont Investments helps strengthening of MNE higher education

(April 18, 2016) Azmont Investments, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, intends to take participation in development of International Hospitality School with seat in Montenegro. Using its expertise and well-established national and international network of partners, Azmont has intention to be a facilitator in the International Hospitality School Process and for this purpose has signed Memorandum of Understanding with University Donja Gorica and VATEL.

“We are proud to be one of the initiators of the first international studies in Montenegrin high education system. As Azmont Investments, we have been working on this project for almost one year to find the best International Hospitality School for our country and tourism industry. After very hard and challenging work we found the best of them.

Over 30 years of my business career and experience, human recourses were always number one priority for me and still is. That's why it was very important and big responsibility for me to bring the right name and the program in to Montenegro. I personally have visited with my executives to VATEL in Lyon and stayed in their hotel, received services from their students, ate delicious food from their chefs, seen their campus, met their founder, rector and academicians and after all I believed and trusted they are the one for Montenegro and the region.

After we had to find right co-partner for VATEL in Montenegro. Honestly it was not so hard and challenging work. Because we all know UDG should be one and only partner for VATEL at the beginning.

Our intention is to provide the financial support that will be used for buying franchise from VATEL that will serve to the International Hospitality School operations in next 11 years. Our reputable partner UDG is selected to manage the International Hospitality School but we are all ready to work together to make the School in a way to meet the needs of the growing Portonovi Resort. Still, this School is not only for Portonovi Resort, but all stakeholders working in tourism and hospitality will benefit from its outcomes.”, pointed out Mr. Ahmet Erentok, Chairman of Azmont Investments.


As a reputable partner, it is planned that UDG operationally run and execute the International Hospitality School seated in Montenegro, in line with VATEL’s franchising agreement and in accordance with provided and agreed standards.


‘’Establishment of International Hospitality School is very important step in achieving UDG development vision. UDG continues to broader presence within international network by way of working under well-known French faculty VATEL and by receiving first international diplomas. At the same time, we make conditions for global market presence. Cooperation with business segment from tourism sector in Montenegro, especially support and help of reputable company Azmont Investments is beneficial for 2 reasons: it improves practical part of our studies, and creates labor market for our students. We are sure that this international school, quality of the students and future resources in tourism and hospitality of Montenegro, will contribute to further development of this area and its competitiveness on global level.’’, said professor Veselin Vukotic, rector of UDG.


Upon completion of the academic studies, Bachelor and/or Master’s program, students will receive EU diploma from this International school. Coordinated with Azmont Investments, VATEL will provide franchise and standards for the international school as well as the program, curriculum, professor training/education, contacts, and best practice.


‘’Vatel 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality & Tourism Management is very proud of its collaboration with Azmont Investment and the University Donja Gorica (U.D.G.) for the signing of Memorandum of Understanding. This partnership establishes Vatel international training based on the balance between theory and practice in Montenegro. This double degree programme: Montenegrin and European will benefit to students who intent to work in the hospitality industry. Vatel and U.D.G. aims to train to the international hospitality standards the future operational and executives managers for the Montenegrin Hospitality and international industry. ‘’, Mr. Julien Liscouet, International Affairs Director at VATEL Group, adding that ‘’Vatel’s ambition is to lead from Montenegro the hospitality training with UDG in Central Europe.’’.


Official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding has been welcomed by Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Mr. Branimir Gvozdenovic. ‘’We are happy to see that Azmont Investments through fulfilling its lease agreement obligation for establishment of International Hospitality School will assure high-quality educational programs for local people and their rewarding career in hospitality, tourism and hotel management. Cooperation with well-known educational brands is one of the priorities of Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism. This is especially important having in mind rapid tourist development that demands competent resources at all levels. We believe that newly established cooperation between Azmont Investments and international school VATEL will serve as impetus to other investors that develop projects in Montenegro and that it will serve as know-how to contribute to achieve our vision – Montenegro as high-quality tourist destination.’’, emphasized Mr. Gvozdenovic during the Ceremony.


Importance of development of education system is undoubtable and Mr. Predrag Boskovic, Minister of Education, welcomed the establishment of International Hospitality School as well. ‘’In Montenegro, tourism has been recognized as economic sector of highest priority; thus, the best way to respond to challenges in this sector is through continues development of human resources through education system’’, he has said. Mr. Boskovic added that ‘’establishment of International Hospitality School at UDG will enable young generations to gain high-quality education and will prepare them to make professional career in international hospitality by using VATEL know-how; Vatel International Business School as such is part of Vatel IBS Group, leading brand in international hospitality and tourism management. This link between hospitality and management through education system will ensure meaningful, rich and advanced tourist offer. As such, this offer will include numerous natural, cultural, gastronomic and other contents as additional value being the base for successful cooperation of our country.’’. In his addressing, Mr. Boskovic also concluded that he hopes that this initiative of Azmont Investments will be motivation for other international companies to enable through its activities cooperation in education and tourism sectors ‘’as this is exactly the way how human resources as most valuable resource are being created’’.


It is expected that upon all necessary paper work and administration approval, the International Hospitality School will be operational from 1st September, 2016.