Azmont Investments representatives and young water polo players from PVK Jadran have visited children in Bijela Orphanage

(December 23, 2015) Representatives of Azmont Investments and PVK Jadran have visited today children's home „Mladost“ in Bijela. In informal and pleasant atmosphere, together with young water polo players, children have been given sweet packages and sport presents.

‘’We are very proud as a company to be part of the local community and to contribute in different ways and aspects. Ever since we have come to Montenegro, we have established a relationship and gladly have contributed to the Orphanage. Today, we have been joined by our partners and friends from PVK Jadran and by kids smiles we could see it was a great visit.’’, said Adrijana Husic, Corporate Communications and CSR Manager.

Milos Mracevic, sport director of PVK Jadran also noted that ‘’it was important to do the small acts throughout the year and contribute to the happiness of the youngest ones. I am happy that our younger players had a chance to spend some time with kids today here and we already have some new ideas for the next year that we would like to do together.’’