Performance of Local Music Đenović – Local talents fused into music force hosted in Portonovi Marina

First day of August is for many locals and guests of Herceg Novi already reserved for visiting Portonovi Marina and enjoying performance by Local Music Đenović. After very rough year in the music world, especially for bands, performance in one of the most beautiful locations on coast is surely pretty good comeback. Just as this band is gathering point for young musicians of the nearby places and towns, so will Portonovi gather people from all sides of the world to hear this local band that grew into force to be reckoned with.

Since 1919 when band was founded, it nursed generations of musicians of all backgrounds, from enthusiast to professionals. Now, there is no part of Montenegro and beyond that people haven’t heard for this authentic group of talented people who proudly represent their origin and heritage, no matter where they perform. 45 musicians will take stage in Portonovi Marina and show us that music knows no borders and ages. Hour and half of popular international hits and unexplainable energy the sounds of the band make, will leave no one indifferent.

What is recognizable about Local music Đenović is that their performances are always hiding something for everyone, it’s not about a single generation or genre. Just as Boka, they grew and developed, keeping the very best the last 100 years had to offer in terms of music.

 “For a long time, we’ve been planning a concert of local brass orchestra from Đenovićhere in marina. We had to postpone it to this year due to Covid, but now we are more than ever eager to enjoy their rich and authentic repertoire on this majestic place. To host as many people as possible, but keep all the measures and standards high, we provided free of charge berthing in our marina, so people can come with their vessels and be our guests on the water. One thing is certain, for all of us this show will no doubt be remembered for years to come”, says the Portonovi Marina director Nikola Banović.


We invite you to join us for the performance of Local Music Đenović - Sunday August 1st  21:00 – 22:30.

Note: The events are organized aligned with all precautionary COVID19 measures and existing national legislation, visitors are kindly asked to respect all measures in place.