Over 350 jobs opportunities

To welcome the season 2020, Hotel One&Only Portonovi and Portonovi Resort are looking for over 350 employees, who will be employed year-round as well as seasonally. Interested candidates will have the opportunity to develop their careers in one of the most prestigious resorts in the region, home to the first One&Only Hotel in Europe, in numerous positions and levels, in various hospitality sectors.


One&Only Portonovi will be the most luxurious hotel in the region with a tuned-in team being the beating heart of our brand. Through its exceptional standard of service and quality, One&Only Portonovi will provide guests with unforgettable experiences. When gathering a hotel team, we want to give Montenegrin candidates the opportunity to display and refine their knowledge and skills through an international platform”, said Michele Giraudo, General Manager of One&Only Portonovi. "In One&Only we celebrate individuals and personality, because what makes our colleagues special is what makes our brand special. When selecting candidates, we will pay special attention to their personality, previous work experience, knowledge of English from beginner to advanced level depending on which position the candidate applies, commitment and passion for hospitality, ambition, communication skills and nice manners. Through constant training and work in an international environment, all of our colleagues will have the opportunity to improve their skills on a daily basis, with the common goal of providing the best service to the guest and contributing to raising the standard of quality of tourism in Montenegro”, Mr. Giraudo added.


Portonovi Resort Management Company, which is in charge of resort management, has been hiring local operational and managerial staff since 2019, most of whom are from Montenegro.


"We are continuously looking for new people who will add value to our team and that is why our company is growing," said Michael Posch, General Manager of Portonovi Resort. “We are proud that, as one of the largest investors and employers in Montenegro, we can contribute to the creation and improvement of the most valuable resource - a competitive staff in the European and world labor markets. A quality education and employment program with ongoing training will provide adequate education for local staff for successful careers in the hospitality, tourism and hospitality industries, ensuring that our employees will meet the needs of the most demanding tourism clientele', Mr. Posch concluded.


Those interested in working at One&Only Portonovi can send their CV to careers@oneandonlyportonovi.com;or call +382 31 355 395 for more information.

Applicants interested in working at the Portonovi Resort can send their CV to career@portonovi.com; while more information on job vacancies can be found at www.azmont.com.

The CV`s shall be sent latest by Saturday February 15th 2020.