PM Marković visits Portonovi: I am impressed with what I saw, this project will make Montenegro recognisable around the world

Prime Minister Duško Marković visited the recently opened Portonovi tourist resort with his closest associates and said that works on one of the largest tourist complexes in the region are progressing well, that 1,500 jobs will be created by its opening next year and that the Government's policy is being confirmed that credible investors like Azmont Investments bring to our country the money and new knowledge we need.


"I'm impressed with what I saw. Today, professionally and privately, my heart is full as a new value is being created in this area, which is not only important for Montenegrin tourism, but also for Montenegro as a whole and its economy. Already at this stage, the resort is a new value for Montenegro, a transformational value that not only brings new jobs and employment, but also brings something that Montenegro needs, namely new knowledge and innovations and a great experience of how to transform our inexhaustible resource for the benefit of the State and the citizens," Prime Minister Duško Marković said after visiting the completed part of the resort, the construction site and the meeting with the management of Azmont Investments and Portonovi - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Azmont Investments Ahmet Erentok, CEO of Azmont Investments Rashad Aliyev, CEO of Porto Novi Stevan Milić.


The Prime Minister congratulated Azmont Investments leader Ahmet Erentok and the company, evaluating that this project would make Montenegro recognisable not only in the Mediterranean but worldwide.


The resort, which has so far invested almost EUR five hundred million, brings to our country new jobs, new technologies and knowledge, which was discussed at the meeting of the Prime Minister and the host.


Both the Prime Minister and Azmont Investments leader highlighted the fact that Portonovi will employ 450 people in the hotel and 300 in other facilities next spring, when it will open the first prestigious One & Only brand hotel in Europe.


"So, beside the engagement and employment in other supporting facilities and catering facilities, we will have over 1,500 employees here. What is particularly important to me today is that I have seen that the implementation of this project is accompanied by modern innovative solutions that not only protect our coast and our underwater world but also enhance our relationship towards nature and the environment. This is a confirmation of our commitment that knowledge and innovation come with such investors. The investor has applied here new technologies that, one might say, are introducing Montenegro to the green economy phase, which is the goal of our country," Prime Minister Duško Marković concluded at the end of his visit to Portonovi.


The management of Azmont Investments and Portonovi informed the Prime Minister that on 1 August the resort started operating and that since then they have not had any serious objection or complaint, that the sale of real estate is going well and that they are especially pleased by the fact that there is increasing number of buyers from the European Union member states. This, as Ahmet Erentok said, positions Montenegro in a high position of exclusive tourist sites.


"Today we had another visit by the Prime Minister. We are so happy to see the Government and the Municipality, and all related parties when they come to visit us in Portonovi because it gives us more support, more responsibility. As the Prime Minister mentioned, we are going to provide the hundreds of jobs. And what we are doing, which is more important for us we are using the most local work force. And the most of them, 85 percent are from here. I invite everybody here, all related parties to join and more proactive to complete this project. Because when we finish this project, trust me, everybody in Montenegro will be proud of themselves and Montenegro because it can show in the world what we can achieve," the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Azmont Investments said.