Support for children’s choir “Cvrkutići“ – Embracing local talents

Traditionally recognized as part of the community, friend and great supporter of local culture and heritage, Portonovi and its employees, decided to embrace into making of music video for song “Gorsko oko“ through supporting “Cvrkutići”, local children’s choir from Herceg Novi. The song was the winning tune of the children’s music festival "Naša radost 2020." in Podgorica, and Cvrkutici performed it as a choir for the first time on Portonovi Bazar where they took part for two days.


“To be able to support all hard work of these wonderful children and their mentors is a special bond. Cvrkutići were important part of many celebrations that we had in our resort and we felt both obliged and privileged to provide the chance to as many people as possible to enjoy their music, at least through watching them on video platforms and social media. The video will be premiered on the Statehood Day and having in mind that the choir performed in our resort during Independence Day program, this journey gets the nicest symbolics. Witnessing how these kinds have flourished and how performing helps them take the confidence into every venture of their lives, was just one more reason to be patron of this wonderful project”, Mr. Rashad Aliyev, CEO of Azmont Investments said.


Lidija Ivanović, mentor and conductor of children’s choir, was grateful for all promotion and financial support they have received from Portonovi team. “The music and music videos we release are tied directly to our mission – to promote highest social values and teach the children that very often a small voice can say the biggest things. I would like to once again thank Portonovi for their continuous support and understanding how important it is to support local projects and cultivate local talents”.


This support is just a small piece of the efforts, support and investments that Portonovi is providing to the local community. As only symbiosis of local community and business can bring sustainable progress, Portonovi will continue to support and invest in local community in the years to come.


Music video was premiered on July 13th via choirs YouTube channel.