Core business related programs to support education

(December 22, 2015) Ever since entering the Montenegrin market, Azmont Investments has been closely working with relevant partners and State Institutions aiming to initiate and support the projects and activities that are helping professional development of people in Montenegro. Azmont Investments has established Azmont Academy in Bijelo Polje together with Municipality of Bijelo Polje and Employment Agency in 2014, and since March 2014 has invested around 600K EUR, enabling trainings for interested people aiming to provide them skills and expertise in construction area so they can meet the needs of different on-going projects in the country.

After managing the operations of the Academy for more than a year and a half, Azmont Investments has decided to direct its human and financial resources toward core business related programs that will still support education development and employment to higher extent.

In past few months, as an investor company, Azmont Investments has informed all relevant parties about its business plans and suggested that new model of the Academy work as a sustainable training center, run by the ones that can secure its best operations. The relevant state institution focused on the HR issues as education and trainings are in that sense would serve as appropriate link to all potential employers in the country for educated individuals. Following all previous negotiations, Azmont Investments will exit from the operations in Bijelo Polje as of the year end. In Azmont Investments, we strongly believe that know-how gained through work of the Academy is valuable asset for the projects of this kind and potential training center that can help in strengthening the skills of the people in Montenegro in a sustainable way and for a long run.

As dedicated investor that is closely following the labor market trends and needs, Azmont Investments will continue to work focusing on the development of the human resources in hospitality area together with respective local and internationally known partners. With initial support and through consulting role, Azmont Investments will engage world-class expertise and match them with local education providers, with strong belief that joint efforts of this kind will secure long term sustainability and great engagement. All this should result in new opportunities for education and employment with final goal to bring Montenegro to the map of the high end hospitality.