Corporate Social Responsibility

Through its work, Azmont Investments aims to ensure the integrity and diversity of its activities, and contribute to the welfare and economic development of Montenegro and other countries where operates itself or through its affiliated entities and projects initiated and financed by Azmont.

 Having this incorporated in its DNA, Azmont Investments tends to ensure responsible business practices across the organization. Company commitment is based on its vision - We strive to be a company that professionally, efficiently, and sustainably manages investments and makes a difference by introducing best business practices in Montenegro and the entire region.

 Azmont is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen through the support for appropriate non-political and non-sectarian projects across a range of organizations and charities. With a focus on education and enterprise, Azmont has developed target programs for local communities, often involving commercial sponsorship and significant employee engagement through direct involvement or secondment.

 Azmont is committed to:

  • creating training and education programs for the members of the local community;
  • supporting local children’s education through investment in local schools and vocational training for later employment opportunities;
  • supporting local families and their communities through increasing/developing the local economy;
  • developing an educational program in the hospitality sector by setting up an International School that prepares students for a rewarding career in hospitality, tourism, and hotel management.
  • Azmont will ensure to minimize impacts on the environment.
  • Through business-integrated corporate responsibility, Azmont shall drive a Social Program which the local community will benefit from.

Azmont Investments has established a basic approach to corporate social responsibilities founded on its corporate principles and has communicated such through a set of principles in the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Download a PDF version of Azmont Investments Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.