Chairman's message

Azmont Investments operating since 2012 is young but dedicated Montenegro based company committed to apply its most adequate resources to achieve its mission: to create an efficient and sustainable investment portfolio focusing on accountability, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

As dedicated Investor, we are driven by passion and inspiration in everyday work. Our vision is our DNA: We strive to be a company who professionally, efficiently and in sustainable way manages investments, and creates difference by introducing best business practices in Montenegro and the entire region.

For us, cooperation and team work are the most important enablers in achieving our goals. We will always work hand in hand and together with Montenegrin Government, its institutions and agencies and local authorities. We tend to gather the best in their expertise and thus we have on board with us partners and names that guarantee success and quality.

Azmont Investments is an investor, with clear vision and ambition to be a world class company that is bringing to life an exclusive world-class mixed-use lifestyle resort as Portonovi is. Our attention is now focused on this, but at the same time we are looking for new opportunities to invest.

Azmont Investments as a company that tends to be leading on the Montenegrin market but in the Region as well perceives its responsibility on improving the economic development of Montenegro as a country and population’s welfare. Through work we do, we aim to ensure integrity and diversity of activities, contribute to welfare and economic development of Montenegro and other countries where we operate our self or through affiliated entities and projects initiated and financed by Azmont.

Meanwhile we kept ourselves aware of our social responsibility and set up the activity focused on protection of social interests. With a focus on education and enterprise, Azmont has developed target programs for local communities, often involving commercial sponsorship and significant employee engagement through direct involvement or secondment.

As Investor, we are very proud with accomplishments up to date, we aim at expanding in the nearest future, increase our revenue, and remain committed to our social responsibility. Company wish and commitment is to develop a positive collaborative synergy with the Government of Montenegro and local authorities, while durably engaging with local communities, through education, training, support and employment opportunities.

I express gratitude to our shareholders, managers and employees - our leading force for their endeavors and immense effort in the accomplishments and success we gain as Azmont Investments and for leading to this level.  I strongly believe that in a short time we will be the employer people will be even more eager to work for.

We continue to plan and work according to plans set, never forgetting to dream. To have a dream, passion and enthusiasm are crucial enablers for making success long term.

Ahmet Erentok


Azmont Investments