Adrijana Husic

Ms. Adrijana Husic is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi.

Adrijana Husic
Director of Marketing and Communications

Ms. Adrijana Husic is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, with a wealth of experience in the industry. Starting as Corporate Communications and CSR Manager at Azmont Investments in 2015, she became an esteemed Marketing and Communication Manager before taking on her current role at Portonovi. In November 2022, she was appointed Director responsible for spearheading all marketing efforts toward international success.

Experienced in integrated marketing, communication, public relations, and strategy development, focusing on effective management, Ms. Adrijana has proven abilities to create successful long-term solutions. As the Portonovi Brand Guardian, she is steadfast in positioning the Portonovi brand and its objectives at the forefront of all operations.

With extensive corporate communication and CSR career, she has established herself as a leader across different environments. Among her many accomplishments are initiatives such as human rights advocacy and youth education programs that have made great strides for the local community. Her professional proficiency in corporate communications co-exists with experience acquired from studying Social Policy and Social Work at the Faculty of Political Science. These two domains forged much success throughout her journey.

With her impressive background in multiple roles, bolstered by advanced qualifications, she brings a unique set of resources to the team – making her a valuable partner to Portonovi's success.